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Quanser supports educational leaders to Captivate, Motivate, and Graduate highly effective alumnae through hands-on learning environments.

Almost 25 years ago, Jacob Apkarian, founder and CTO of Quanser was inspired by his experience as a Controls Professor to develop exciting laboratory equipment designed to bring control concepts to life and significantly enhance the learning experience of engineering students. This is why Quanser focuses on innovative, flexible, and manageable controls engineering laboratories to help educational leaders teach, research, and develop world-class departments.

Customers trust Quanser because our unique and reliable solutions have three key advantages:

  • Flexibility – Our solutions provide the flexibility to develop your lab around future expansion plans and budget. Open architecture, modularity and scalability of our systems ensure that your investment today can be used for growth into the future, to create more complex and advanced laboratories. Quanser supplies detailed complete curriculum which may be tailored for your needs to ensure your department delivers leading edge education.
  • Quality – We go to great lengths to ensure our team of outstanding people shares the passion for education. Solutions, products and curriculum are developed by enthusiastic engineers who hold Masters and Ph.D. designations. In addition, our development process accounts for input from a panel of leading control professors to ensure Quanser continues to develop relevant, exciting, and high quality experiments and curriculum.
  • Support – In addition to our sophisticated quality assurance process, we provide ongoing service and support that will save you time and maximize your investment in our solutions for years to come. In-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to have knowledge and take ownership for all of our products. This gives you peace of mind, benefit of one point-of-contact, and quick resolution through access to our engineering department. We strive to answer questions and resolve issues immediately or within a maximum of 24 hours.

Quanser’s extensive collection of control, robotic and mechatronic experiments is exciting and relevant to industry, yet durable enough for enthusiastic undergrads:

  • Linear experiments

Experience the dynamics of the classic inverted pendulum and beyond with Quanser’s line of modular linear systems. Excite your students with over twenty innovative and educational experiments.

  • Rotary experiments

Go beyond the traditional PID with Quanser’s line of rotary motion control experiments. Utilizing the robust SRV02 as the base, you can build a captivating, unparalleled range of experiments. That’s one reason it has been so popular for over 20 years.

  • Mechatronics experiments

Quanser’s line of mechatronic controls experiments introduces the integrated control design approach from basic concepts to sophisticated challenges.

  • Advanced control experiments

Add excitement and intrigue to everyday control labs. These open-architecture systems have applications in cutting-edge fields like robotics, haptics and aerospace.

  • Unmanned Systems experiments

These innovative indoor unmanned aerial and ground vehicle systems are ideal for teaching and research of unmanned vehicle navigation and control.

Quanser has helped thousands of institutions worldwide to empower, engage, and enlighten their students and researchers through exciting solutions, dedicated support and industry-acclaimed innovation. We welcome the opportunity to enhance the teaching experience and advance research education at your University or College. For more information and product demonstrations, please contact Adept Scientific GmbH, Falko Schumacher, Varrentrappstr. 40-42, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany, fon: 0049 (0)69 970 841 11 or email: fs@adeptscience.de.