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Session proposal

The Programme Committee of REM 2013 invites proposals for organized sessions which will be presented at the workshop. The organized session proposals should be related to any topic of the workshop. Prospective organizers of organized sessions should post their proposal to the conference chair at rem2013@f-ar.at .

Deadline for Organized Session Proposal: March 31st, 2013

A proposal for an organized session should indicate

  1. The session title
  2. A short description of the session
  3. The expected number of papers (list of authors, if possible)
  4. The session organizer(s) (name, affiliation, contact information)

The submitted proposal will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. Due to limitation of session slots, please understand that not all proposals will be accepted. The organizers of accepted organized sessions will be responsible for the promotion of the session, the proposition of reviewers for submitted papers, and the moderation of the session during the workshop. Procedure, regulations and important dates for papers of organized sessions are the same as those of regular sessions, and the papers will be published in the workshop proceedings. If the number of selected papers is lower than 4, the organized session will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be located within the regular sessions with topics alike. Please be aware that the workshop cannot provide any financial support to organizers and speakers of organized sessions, such as travel expenses or registration fees.