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Pro Automation GmbH

Pro Automation



Pro Automation GmbH was founded in February 2010. The business activities of Pro Automation are focused on research, development and automation engineering.

The main objectives of the company are finding new individual integrative ideas, their theoretical calculation and practical implementation, providing excellent services and products resulting from constant improvement and innovation at the highest quality level.

Outstanding competence, visionary management, individual service and flexibility are the key factors for full satisfaction of the customer.

Based on profound knowledge in the scope of image processing and interaction of vision systems and mechatronic facilities/production lines/machines in connection with the operation/controlling of robots and various drive systems/engines Pro Automation offers mainly integrated solutions without consulting any subcontractors, resulting in cost benefits, quick responses and professional skills also due to the close collaboration with universities and research institutions.

The main focus lies in the development of innovative technical solutions in order to improve the grade of automation within all production areas. It is also important to facilitate the operation of automated production lines and to improve the quality. Furthermore the aim is to develop, improve and distribute mechatronic devices.

The founders of Pro Automation GmbH are keen to share their experiences in research and development and to present new methods and solutions to producers and engineers. The main purpose is to develop image processing methods and engineering technologies based on state-of-the-art technology and to facilitate the operation of automated systems. Moreover frequent and known performance insufficiencies will be analysed and cancelled out by introducing special solutions and methods.