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Accepted Papers

REM-02 Reinhard Langmann // Web-based Simulation of Mechatronic Systems
REM-03 Harald Loose, Katja Orlowski, Angelina Thiers and Laura Tetzlaff // Load Analysis of two techniques for lifting low-lying objects on a table
REM-05 Dirk Dobkowitz and Rolf Roskam // Implementation of Automatic Code Generation from ScicosLab on a 32-bit Microcontroller and Validation by Position Control of an Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve
REM-06 Ilja Alkov and Dirk Weidemann // Power-Based Nonlinear Models of Hydraulic Processes for Numerical Simulation
REM-07 Robin Diekmann, Ilja Alkov and Dirk Weidemann // BondGraph – An Open Source Library for Modelica
REM-08 Elmar Engels // A Field Bus Library for MATLAB® based on Open Core Engineering
REM-09 Manfred Lohöfener // Model-Based Design of Mechatronic Systems with Open Source Software
REM-10 Alfred Sadlauer, Peter Hehenberger, Klaus Anzengruber, Alexander Kainz and Klaus Zeman // An Educational Concept for Mechatronic Design and Product Development
REM-13 Igor Fuerstner and Zoran Anisic // Solution Diversity in Mechatronics
REM-15 Erwin Kristen, Bernhard Neuwirth and Alexander Hanzlik // The Robot Component Kit – Build your own Robot
REM-16 Zwiers Ulrike and Dederichs-Koch Andrea // A simple tool for offline stability analysis of the NAO robot
REM-17 Thomas Zürcher and Andreja Rojko // Remote Workplace for Teaching Energy Efficient Drive Technologies
REM-18 Michael Pohl // A Six-Motion Siulator Enhancing the performance of Vehicle Dynamics Simulation with IPG Carmaker
REM-19 Raivo Sell and Sven Seiler // Learning Situations and Remote Labs in Embedded System Education
REM-20 Chanin Joochim and Supod Kaewkorn // Vehicle Localization and Monitoring Using GPS Based on Zigbee Mesh Networking
REM-22 Richard Otrebski and Roland Ambrosch // Construction for the automated production of Austrian Danish pastries
REM-23 Patrick Schmid and Reinhard Schneider // Designing FPGA Systems with Simulink
REM-24 Harald Anacker, Roman Dumitrescu and Jürgen Gausemeier // Solution Patterns for the integrated Design of Mechatronic Products and related Production Systems
REM-25 R. Dudziak, R. Biesenbach, W. Caninenberg, H.-J. Frieske, F. Pautzke, M. Pohl and W. Roddeck // 20 Years of Mechatronics Engineering Education in Bochum (1993 – 2013)
REM-26 Reiner Dudziak, Werner Roddeck and Marion Werthebach // International Mechatronics Education Project IMEP
REM-27 Dariush Khoorani, Alireza Mohammad Shahri and Babak Karasfi // Mapping and Targets Localization using a Mono Camera
REM-28 Gerson Heuwieser // Mechatronics meets human kinetics
REM-29 Danilo Vladušić, Titanilla Komenda, Mirko Raković, Milutin Nikolić and Branislav Borovac // Robotly – An Intuitive Way for Manipulating Industrial Robots
REM-30 Ilja Alkov and Dirk Weidemann // Improved Unscented Kalman Filter Formulation for Nonlinear Differantial-Algebraic Systems
REM-31 Patrick Röhrl, Robert Amann and Patrick Ritschel // Control of an Autonomous Tennis Ball Collector
REM-33 Mehmet Gulec and Metin Aydin // Modelling and Design of Active Magnetic Bearings Based on Magnetic Circuit and 2D Finite Element Analysis
REM-34 Jovana Jovanova and Viktor Gavriloski // Mechatronic approach in active vibration control of flexible structures with piezoelectric patches
REM-35 Christoph Posenau and Martin Engel // Automated Boost-Charging at Selected Stops for All-Electric Buses in Urban Public Transport
REM-36 Franz Haas, Mathias Bratl and Ronald Sommer // New Force and Torque Measurement Adapter for Robot Applications
REM-37 Stefan Rohkämper, Ali Dib, Wolf Ritschel and Victor Backus // Android based infotainment-system for electric vehicles
REM-38 Paolo Righettini, Roberto Strada, Riccardo Riva, Alberto Oldani and Andrea Ginammi // Dynamic characterization of a small size force sensor: design and development of a test rig, and experimental tests
REM-39 Thomas E. Doyle // Introduction to Mechatronics Through Experiential Simulation and Project Based Learning
REM-40 Francisco J. Campa, Constantino Roldán, Oscar Altuzarra and Charles Pinto // Mechatronic model of a 2 degrees of freedom parallel kinematic mechanism with ball-screw based actuators
REM-41 Gregory C. Lewin, Hossein Haj-Hariri, Glen Bull, Jennie Chiu, Eric Bredder, Peter Malcolm, William Kjellstrom and Nigel Standish // Enhancing Engineering Education and K-12 Science Teaching through Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
REM-42 Titanilla Komenda and Viktorio Malisa // Energy Consumption of Production Lines as a newly established Factor of Optimisation
REM-46 Philipp Gaida, Andreas Jahr and Kerstin Weinberg // Preliminary survey of a diaphragm EAP stack for the use as an actuator in a water valve
REM-47 Rene Gangl, Christoph Ackerl, Rolf Seemann, Thomas Gruenberger, Wolfgang Wöber, Christoph Sammer and Johann Leinweber // Process Monitoring for Additive Manufacturing
REM-48 Brahim Fernini // A computer Code By Using Solidworks(2013) and Matlab/Simulink(2012) For Serial Manipulators
REM-49 Branislav Borovac, Mirko Raković, Srđan Savić and Milutin Nikolić // Dual Arm and Multi-segment Spine Motion Control for Assistive Humanoid Robots